Choosing the right investment

Cassini will be by your side throughout your selection process and we will be there to guide you towards the right investment.

We will listen first and be sure to fully understand your requirements.

What is most important to you? Is it capital appreciation? Strong yields? Or is it maybe a well-defined exit strategy? All of these? Whichever it is we will advise and guide all the way.

It could well be that you have originally selected a property that we feel may not be quite right for you. If that is the case we will do our best to point you towards what we consider may be a better option. Ultimately of course it is down to you but please be assured we will help you settle on the right investment choice.

After you have reserved your property

We will then step back a little whilst the lawyers go to work but will be there in the background on your behalf to be sure that they are performing to your satisfaction.

The developer will almost certainly suggest a lawyer to act on your behalf who will be familiar with the development in which you are investing. As such you will find the process will run more smoothly. If there are any issues on the way we will always be there if necessary to help resolve them with you.

Money transfer

If you are living overseas then we recommend that you look at the most cost effective way to transfer your funds. We have a currency transfer partner who will be happy to talk you through their services and illustrate how they can save you money compared to your own bank.

Progress reports

During the building phase of your off plan investment you will either get updates from the developer or us. It is always reassuring to see construction under way and wherever there are images to see they will be sent to you from time to time until completion.

After completion

At this point you will have the management company looking after your interests. This includes all maintenance and tenancy issues during and after your assured return period, protecting your hard earned investment.

Once again though Cassini will be there in the background should you need us.

Peace of mind

Finally, the point we wish to make is that Cassini is not just there to take your business and walk away. We believe in fostering long term relationships and we value your custom highly and not just at the time of the sale. We pride ourselves on our after sales service and wish you to continue to have that peace of mind long after your original decision.

Cassini International

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